Most diets consist of highly processed foods with little dietary fibre. Due to this fact, our colons cannot process and eliminate food effectively. This causes a toxic build up of 10 kg's or more of undigested waste.  This extra waste leads to weight gain, bloating, gas, lethargy and other side effects.  By using Ultra Colon Cleanser you naturally remove this toxic waste. Immediately you will have more energy, feel lighter and have fewer cravings.  Your sleep will improve.  Your digestive and cardio vascular systems function better.  Best of all, you lose up to 10kgs of waste making you thinner and flattening your stomach.

Hi Guys,

Just a quick note to let you know how things are going. As you know I started on the AcaiSlim over 2 months ago. I was losing about 1.5kg/ week. Maree recommended I add Ultra Colon Cleanse, and wow, what a difference it has made.

My weight loss doubled almost immediately and I started losing about 3kg/week. Over 2 months I have lost 22kg and it’s not slowing down. I wish I had used it when I first begun. Anyway, thanks for all your help and advice. It's really appreciated. Extra special thanks to Maree too. BTW, I can fit into my size 10’s now. YAY!

Melissa Johnson

Ultra Colon Cleanse is a 100% natural and safe herbal colon cleanser that will gently cleanse and detox your system of years of toxic waste build-up.  Unlike harsh chemical detox products or long detox programs that insist you cut out significant elements of your diet in order for them to work, Ultra Colon Cleanse is a natural herbal product that is easy to take and extremely effective.  Ultra Colon Cleanse contains the highest quality ingredients which eliminate 90% of the toxic buildup in your colon, significantly jump starting your weight loss.

An unhealthy colon holds up to 10kg of toxic waste. This Leads to weight gain, gas, bloating and other side effects.

To allow AcaiSlim to work most effectively, it is essential your system is detoxified.  Ultra Colon Cleanse will kickstart your weight loss by cleansing your system. This allows the nutrients in AcaiSlim to have a more powerful effect and leads to significantly more weight loss when used in conjunction with AcaiSlim. As you continue with AcaiSlim, you should continue taking the Ultra Colon Cleanse capsules to maintain your colon health. As you continue with your AcaiSlim, you should also continue taking the daily Ultra Colon Cleanse capsules to maintain your colon health. This will ensure that you do not have new toxins accumulate in your colon. This will allow you to optimize the power of AcaiSlim to continue giving you the best results possible.

A healthy colon has no toxic waste buildup. You will be healthier, thinner and have a flatter stomach.

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